Exchange 6

Summary of latest Exchange topics covered in my study:
- How to mail enable a public folder (I haven't tested this)
- Free/Busy data is kept in a systm Public Folder
- RPC over HTTPS can replace a VPN for checking email with Outlook 2003
- You can configure real-time block lists (RBLs) to reduce spam

Recently had a client ask us to simplify their email setup. Every user's Outlook was configured w/ a POP3 account which saved mail into an Exchange mailbox (rather than a PST file). Starting with one user as my "guinea pig", I removed his POP3 account in Outlook (retaining only the Exchange account), and created an entry for him in the Exchange server's POP3 connector. Also reconfigured the server's SMTP connector with current information.

The first time I tried to send a message to my own email address it bounced back w/ error 550, so I enabled SMTP authentication in the connector.

Next, I tried emailing two people who share the organization's domain name but who don't use the Exchange server. That test bounced back w/ error 5.1.1 (recipient doesn't exist). I checked the recipient policy in System Manager and found that the check box for "This Exchange Organization is responsble for all mail delivery..." was grayed out. So...I created a new policy (leaving that check box blank) and created an additional SMTP connector just for this organization's domain - with relaying enabled. Many, many thanks to msexchange.org for their article on SMTP Namespace Sharing.