Gave up on IPSec w/ Kerberos authentication. However, I can do IPSec w/ authentication via certificate or PSK. Notes:
-> If a policy isn't applied when you assign it, restart the IPSec service.
-> Normally, you can reset IPSec policies back to default settings; DCs are an exception.


Troubleshooting IPSec

Trying to get my Parallels virtual machines to talk to each other w/ IPSec. Downloaded Windows 2003 Resource Kit for the KerbTray.exe application. Discovered you don't get a Kerberos ticket if you login locally instead of to the domain (oops!). Still no go w/ IPSec...



Setup this blog via Google's "Blogger.com". It's neat because it integrates w/ my domain name and doesn't show any ads by default.

I passed my first MCSE exam (70-290) on March 21, and my second exam (70-291) on September 11.