Rename a domain

This evening I renamed the domain in a single domain, single DC environment. Thanks to msexchange.org for their article.

- Raised forest functional level to Server 2003
- Made a System State backup
- Executed rendom /list
- Edited the XML file, replacing references to the old domain name w/ the new
- Executed rendom /upload, rendom /prepare, rendom /execute

This completed successfully and triggered an automatic reboot w/ the message "The directory service is shutting down". After the reboot, I ran rendom /clean, rendom /end (this is important!).

Group policy objects are updated with gpfixup /oldDNS:GOLD.local /newDNS:PLATINUM.local /oldNB:GOLD /newNB:PLATINUM.

I still had a problem w/ the GPMC, but I opened it from within ADUC, edited a policy, exited GPMC, and then was able to re-open GPMC w/out any difficulties.

Lastly, restarted an XP workstation and verified that it was automatically updated.