Group policy, part 3

Watched the 200.1 video on gpoguy.com and have started skimming the FAQ on his site as well. Very helpful stuff. Here's what I learned from the video:

- Computer Config \ Admin Templates pertains to HKEY_Local_Machine
- User Config \ Admin Templates pertains to HKEY_Current_User

- Microsoft's policy templates (ADM files) can be "fully managed", that is, they are removed when the GPO is removed. On the other hand, "preferences" (from 3rd party developers) "tatoo" the registry, meaning they are not automatically removed when the policy is removed.

- You can have the group policy editor display ONLY configured policies.

I was troubleshooting GP application on a wireless desktop client today & disjoined/rejoined the domain, but could not get my group policy to be recognized. The event log said no domain controller could be found, so GP processing was aborted. I wonder if a wireless router between the client and domain controller is the culprit. Item #1 on GPOGuy's FAQ says that GP processing requires specific ports which are sometimes blocked by firewalls.