Monitoring (fragment)

I've been assigned to stabilize and document the IT infrastructure of a company with 35 workstations and several servers.  A 100Mbps wireless bridge connects two buildings.  Users in building 2 complain of slow network performance.  A monitoring system is needed.

My boss likes Zabbix; I tried it, but got lost in textual config files and endless customization options.

Today, I installed PRTG Network Monitor and like it a lot.  It gives you 10 sensors for free; 100 sensors cost a one-time $440 fee.  The only problem is the free version's fastest interval is 60 sec - the paid version's is 30 sec.  I'm looking for a 3 - 5 sec interval - from a free tool.

Solarwinds Bandwidth Monitor doesn't offer logging.
Flowalyzer offers logging, but it doesn't work.
STP works, but its internal math seemed wrong - due to my own error at the time.
...which brought me to the (yep, text-only) MRTG.

I needed to identify the correct OID to monitor: Flowalyzer provided this, and I found a list of Proxim OIDs at this link.

Misc Notes:
- To start the WinPcap driver, run "net start npf"
http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314053 - TCP Window size - bigger is better on slow networks
http://www.mikrotik.com/thedude - haven't tried it out yet.
https://www.untangle.com/store/web-filter.html - I'd like to try it out.