More research 2

Reviewed WINS concepts. On a single subnet, you don't need a WINS server. If you have multiple subnets (broadcast domains) and you have a program that requires WINS lookups, then you need a WINS server.

DNS...I'm comfortable with primary zones, ADI, forwarding, and recursion. Secondary zones are read-only copies of a primary server. In Server 2003 they don't seem to have any value. They can not be integrated into Active Directory. If you have a DNS server that needs to know about DNS servers in other forests, you can use a stub zone to avoid zone transfer traffic. It seems that secondary zones used to be handy for fault tolerance and load balancing, however that's a non-issue with ADI zones. According to informit.com, a BIND server can receive a secondary copy of an ADI zone.

It just occurred to me this evening that the default "ClientApps" share on Server 2003 is probably intended for applications published to clients via group policy in their Add/Remove Programs applet.